Case Introduction

Capacitive touch screen has been increasingly used in various fields with rapid technology development. In order to meet different requirements of worldwide customers, GraHowlet supply all kinds of product structures such as G + G, G + F (G + F + F ),P + G, etc. and various technical support programs such as Cypress, Atmel, EETI, FocalTech, Goodix etc. according to different application environments.

Industrial Control

Industrial Control Application environment is complicated in this field. The requirement of the capacitive touch screen is much higher with various sources of interference such as textile machines, HMI, industrial tablet, mobile phones.,etc. The service life, supply life cycle, stability, strong anti-interference and overall impact resistance is usually focused on and G + G structure is generally recommended.

Internet of Things

Requirements of capacitive touch screen are not very high in this field ranging between pure industry and consumer applications. End products are express logistics hand-held terminals, hand-held POS terminals, convenient payment terminals, self-service terminals. They are mainly used in indoor environments and occasionally used in outdoor applications. These terminal products mainly pursue lightness and portability, so G + F (F) structure is generally recommended and G+G structure is chose by a small number of customers to be cost-effective.


Terminal products mainly refer to medical electronic products such as hand-held medical devices, wearable medical devices, portable medical machines, monitors, ECG, etc. Allowing for application scope and use cycle, medical products mainly requires sensitivity, long life cycle and good anti-interference performance for the touch screens. G + G structure is generally recommended and if there is relatively high demand of cost, P + G and G + F (F) structure could be used.

Smart Home

End products are mainly used indoor, smart appliance and smart security for example. Application environment is relatively good in this field so the requirements are relatively low for capacitance touch screens (except for intelligent products with servo motors). Sensitivity, interference and cost is usually considered ,so G + F (F) structure is generally recommended and G + G structure could be used on small amount of high-end products.

Vehicle-mounted Industry

Capacitive touch screen requirement depends on the installation location (front or back) of the end products in the vehicle and the corollary devices. If end products are installed in front of the vehicle, in-vehicle control system, for example, requirements are relatively higher because they must meet relevant certification and explosion proof. Requirements are lower for end products located at the back of the vehicle such as car-borne navigation, audio-visual equipment and intelligent parking systems, intelligent traffic control terminals,etc. Antiriot, earthquake-proof, visibility in the sun and anti-interference are generally concerned about for terminals in this field, so G + G structure is generally recommended and G + F (F) structure are likely to be considered for breech-loading products that are high volume and cost sensitive.

Outdoor Equipment

Application environment for this field is usually severe weather, high and low temperature and various outdoor impact so requirement of capacitive touch screen is relatively high. End products are mobile phones used in oil exploration, outdoor agricultural machinery, army and police on-duty portable terminals, etc. Capacitive touch screen glove function and water function, service life, visibility in the sun, impact resistance is generally concerned, so stable G + G structure is usually recommended.

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