Industrial Control

Application environment is complicated in this field. The requirement of the capacitive touch screen is much higher with various sources of interference such as textile machines, HMI, industrial tablet, mobile phones.,etc. The service life, supply life cycle, stability, strong anti-interference and overall impact resistance is usually focused on and G + G structure is generally recommended.

Case Introduction:

Industrial data detection equipment

Application environment and features:
1. mainly used as workshop data monitoring, so need to achieve operation with glove and mechanical oil;
2. Capacitive touch screen requires stronger strength and higher impact resistance;
3. Capacitive screen needs strong anti-interference , long service life and life cycle .

Touch panel solution:
1. G +G structure, 2.0mm thick Corning tempered glass cover with surface AF processed;
2. Cypress program with FPC screened
3. Convenient TP and TFT module frame adhesion Assembly

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