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(projected capacitive touch)
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Hangzhou Hongxiao Technology is a comprehensive manufacturers of capacitive touch screen module and TFT LCD display for various industries. We provides solutions that match all customers’ touch screen needs and create products based on multiple technologies. We are committed to supply global customers with first-class products and professional technical services in the touch industries. Our products are of high stability and anti-interference performance and used in various industries with complicated and difficult conditions.

Product Features

Capacitive touch screen has been increasingly used in various fields with rapid technology development. In order to meet different requirements of worldwide customers, Grahowlet supply all kinds of product structures such as G + G, G + F (G + F + F ),P + G, etc. and various technical support programs such as Cypress , Atmel, EETI, FocalTech, Goodix etc. according to different application environments.

1)Glove function:
2)Water function:
3)Thickness function:
support gloves made of various materials such as nylon, latex, cotton, plush and leather and of different thickness, 6mm the thickest.
support touch with water, oil, oil-water mixture and brine.
Support normal touch with thick cover like tempered glass, 15mm the thickest

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