Reliable Service

As there are more and more touch panel application in all industries, Grahowlet has a good understanding of the difference between capacitive touch screen application and consumer electronics application. In order to ensure the smooth operation and market promotion of customers' end products, Grahowlet would ensure following aspects:

1.Debugging Service : In most cases, customers in this industry might have debugging problems for both capacitance touch screen and the main-board , so Grahowlet strengthens technical guidance and provides software debugging assistance under the whole system for the customer.

2.Application Environment: End product application environment is various and complicated and in response to different environmental application requirements, Grahowlet specially improves the promotion of industrial touch programs such as Cypress and Etta MEL, increasing the anti-interference and optimizing some special touch manners.

3.Validation and Test: End products in touch industry generally need to be specifically certified and pass many kinds of tests such as servo motor disturbance test, salt spray test, military specifications aging test, high and low temperature aging test, ESD, EFT, tumbling test, etc. Grahowlet can provide rich and effective solution.

4.Pilot Production : Compared with consumer electronics, capacitive touch screen end product volume is generally lower and development and verification lead time is relatively longer. To serve customers' operation mode better, Grahowlet specially provide small batch production between prototype building and mass production without quantity limitation.

5.Certification and Compliance : To better serve customers, Grahowlet strictly follow ISO9001 and ISO14001 and our products are all ROHS.

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