Internet of Things

Requirements of capacitive touch screen are not very high in this field ranging between pure industry and consumer applications. End products are express logistics hand-held terminals, hand-held POS terminals, convenient payment terminals, self-service terminals. They are mainly used in indoor environments and occasionally used in outdoor applications. These terminal products mainly pursue lightness and portability, so G + F (F) structure is generally recommended and G+G structure is chose by a small number of customers to be cost-effective.

Case Introduction:

courier hand-held terminals

Application environment and features:
1.Mainly used for express scanning indoor, occasionally operated outdoor, so need to meet all kinds of weather conditions and operation sensibility with glove in winter;
2. Long standby time and low power consumption;
3.Pass high and low temperature aging test and tumbling test.

Touch Panel solution:
1. G +F + F structure, Corning glass cover with surface AF processed;
2. Cost-effective Goodix GT970 program, debugging water function and requiring glove function;
3. Overall module joint assembly with FPC screened.

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