Smart Home

End products are mainly used indoor, smart appliance and smart security for example. Application environment is relatively good in this field so the requirements are relatively low for capacitance touch screens (except for intelligent products with servo motors). Sensitivity, interference and cost is usually considered ,so G + F (F) structure is generally recommended and G + G structure could be used on small amount of high-end products.

Case Introduction:

intelligent kitchen electric equipment

Application environment and features:
1. mainly used in the kitchen, so need to achieve normal touch with oil and water;
2. Capacitance touch screen needs relatively better hardness and stronger strength;
3. require strong anti-interference and good sensibility

Touch panel solution:
1. G +G structure, thick tempered glass cover with surface AF processed;
2. Cypress program or Atmel program with good anti-interference performance is recommended depending on customers’ actual application.
3. Considering the service life, temperature and humidity situation, TP and TFT overall module joint assembly is recommended;

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