Terminal products mainly refer to medical electronic products such as hand-held medical devices, wearable medical devices, portable medical machines, monitors, ECG, etc. Allowing for application scope and use cycle, medical products mainly requires sensitivity, long life cycle and good anti-interference performance for the touch screens. G + G structure is generally recommended and if there is relatively high demand of cost, P + G and G + F (F) structure could be used.

Case Introduction:

portable medical machine

Application environment and features:
1.mainly used in pharmacy and health clinic indoor, occasionally used for outdoor emergency, so need to achieve normal operation with medical waste liquid and medical glove;
2.pass electromagnetic compatibility test and meet safety requirements;
Power utilization differs home and abroad,so need to meet source and radiation resistant grades.

Touch panel solution:
1.G +G structure, Asahi glass cover with surface AF processed;
2.Cypress, fifth series program with good anti-interference performance
3.Normal Cost-effective module frame adhesion assembly and Overall module joint assembly with FPC and IC screened for emergency equipment.

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