Outdoor Equipment

Application environment for this field is usually severe weather, high and low temperature and various outdoor impact so requirement of capacitive touch screen is relatively high. End products are mobile phones used in oil exploration, outdoor agricultural machinery, army and police on-duty portable terminals, etc. Capacitive touch screen glove function and water function, service life, visibility in the sun, impact resistance is generally concerned, so stable G + G structure is usually recommended.

Case Introduction:

outdoor military communication equipment

Application environment and features:
1. mainly used in outdoor field communications, need to meet good visibility in the sun and operate well with water-based gloves;
2.the whole machine needs to pass strict drop test and has strong shock resistance;
3.requires normal use with radar signal interference and good anti-interference performance.

Touch panel solution:
1. G +F+F structure, Corning tempered glass cover with surface AR and AF processed;
2. Cypress program with FPC screened;
3. Considering the impact resistance of the whole machine ,TP and TFT overall module joint assembly is recommended;

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