PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel

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         The PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel with ILITEK touch controller IC, support operation with thick gloves and thick tempered glass and thick PC; mainly used in industrial, medical, outdoor advertising and other equipment; depth of custom acceptable including structural parts and surface treatment AG AR AF and other special effects processing, a variety of different interface conversion Board and drive Board are provided according to the actual needs of customers.

         The PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel module product is 1920*1080, with a full view angle, which can match the VGA or HDMI interface driver board, and the capacitive screen USB interface.It can achieve multi-touch, and its performance is very stable. It is mainly used in some industrial applications or outdoor advertising terminals. This product with 6mm cover glass, it is suitable for use on the equipment installed by the flat assemble module structure, and the capacitive touch screen structure part can also support deep customization;

    Product Name
    18.5 inch
    Operating Temperature
    -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Storage Temperature
    -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Outline Dimension
    430.00(W)x254.00(H)x21.19(D) mm
    Viewing Area
    410.60(W)x231.20(H) mm
    Active Area
    409.80(W)x230.40(H) mm
    Support Systems
    Windows/Android/Linux etc.
    1 year
    Interface Type
    Controller IC
    Touch Points
    10 points
    Surface Hardness
    Power Supply Voltage
    Interface Type
    350 cd/m²
    Viewing Angle

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel- front view

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel- back view

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel

    Product Features
          Capacitive touch screen has been increasingly used in various fields with rapid technology development. In order to meet different requirements of worldwide customers, Grahowlet supply all kinds of product structures such as G + G, G + F (G + F + F ),P + G, etc. and various technical support programs such as Cypress , Atmel, EETI, FocalTech, Goodix etc. according to different application environments.
    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel - product function


    Cover glass surface treatment--AG, AR, AF 

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel - ag

    Anti Glare (AG) processing could eliminate screen surface mirror problem through converting
    direct light to diffuse light on the touch screen.

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel - arAR processing means adding a type of coating that could reduce reflected light on the cover
    glass,which dereases screen reflection and increases visual effects
    significantly in the sun.

    PCAP 18.5 inch tft lcd touch screen panel - AF

    AF processing is adding on the cover glass a king of coating that could increases surface smoothness,
    reduces surface sliding resistance , residual water and fingerprints
    on the surface significantly and improves feeling and clarity.

    Technical Q & A
    Q: Can you describe the difference between the capacitive touch screen test under the condition that the display screen is not working and the test under the condition of working, as well as the difference between the air bonding test and the optical bonding test, and what is the solution?
    A: As for capacitive screen, it is a relatively sensitive device. The display screen will radiate interference to the capacitive screen when it works, so there may be jump points or influent lines. Air bonding and optical bonding are similar. There are differences in algorithm compensation between capacitive touch screen after optical bonding and air bonding, so there will be possibility that no problem in air bonding, but interference will occur after optical bonding.
    Considering the above problems, we usually solve them from two aspects:
    first, to choose a touch screen solution with very good anti-interference performance at the very beginning, such as Cypress solution, then the influence of this difference on it will be much smaller. Basically, only a slight adjustment of the configuration parameters will solve the problem quickly;
    Second, If a consumer touch control solution is chosen at the beginning, the configuration parameters of the touch screen need to be adjusted according to the actual environment of motherboard when it is working, and some algorithm compensation is needed. Whether it can be solved ultimately or not depends on the application environment of the product itself and the interference source of the motherboard.
    Q: If the display screen and the capacitive touch screen are designed to be assembled separately, what attention should be paid?
    A: If the installation is separate for display and touch, the main factor should be considered is the gap between the capacitive touch screen and the display. it is better to control it within gap between 0.5 to 2mm because if it is less than 0. 5mm when the display screen is working, the radiation interference will become larger, which may interfere with the capacitive screen, and also when the gap is too close, If the capacitive screen itself is not strong enough, the deformation of the press may appear after contacting the display screen, which might result in water ripples or Newton ring. However If the gap is higher than 2mm, our eyes will feel the visual deviation between touch and display, the touch feeling will be greatly affected, and with the gap being too large, it is easy to be affected by external dust if the sealing is not particularly good.

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