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What are the uses of transparent touch screens?

At present, it is mainly used in the business market. This is because transparent display can be realized. Transparent touch screens have a wide range of applications. They can be integrated with technologies such as multi-touch and smart display. They can be used in shopping malls and supermarkets display windows, refrigerator door perspectives, window stores, bus stations, restaurants, and automobile front windshields. Glass vending machines, museums, high-end restaurants luxury display,

It can also be used to create creative equipment such as transparent boxes, glass decorations and other fields, so that consumers can touch the pieces of “glass” at will while watching the real objects, and actively touch the product promotion, so that the advertisement becomes Interaction with consumers provides more eye-catching advertising effects, allowing more people to experience the fun and realism brought by interactive technology. The transparent touch screen will provide people with information services anytime, anywhere,

It can be seen that more and more manufacturers are committed to the research and development of transparent display products. So what are the advantages that attract so many manufacturers to develop and so many users are keen on? I think it is not only because this kind of equipment is cool, dazzling, and very enthusiastic. Gorgeous, transparent display device is thin and easy to carry,

It can also support 3D display technology, and has low energy consumption, which is conducive to environmental protection and energy saving. In addition, its biggest advantage is that with the help of a transparent screen, we will be able to pass through the screen and “grab” the things inside the screen, thus bringing a new kind of human-computer interaction experience.

It enhances the human-computer interaction experience and the fun line of display, brings shocking visual impact to the audience, and realizes the overall innovation of human life style. In the future, transparent display will be displayed in store windows, exhibitions, outdoor advertising, medical care, There will be a wide range of application prospects in office and even family life, and human life will be changed due to transparency.

The transparent display showcase can display the product in 360 degrees without blind spots in front of the audience; the biggest feature is that it can also play a variety of multimedia audio and video images while displaying, and can automatically loop advertising programs, support 720P high-definition playback and rolling subtitles , Time switch machine and other functions. Users can also set different volume levels according to different time periods, which matches the humanized management of high-end hotels, hospitals, communities and other application scenarios, and establishes interaction with audiences; enhances product competitiveness and enhances brand effect; and actively attracts customers’ curiosity and interest.

Post time: Jan-19-2022