How to Choose the Right Custom Capacitive Touch Screen Manufacturer

Are you looking for a reliable custom capacitive touch screen manufacturer? If so, Hangzhou Hongxiao Technology may be the best choice for your needs. As a comprehensive service provider of capacitive touch screen modules and TFT LCD displays in various industries, Hangzhou Hongxiao Technology has won a reputation for providing first-class products and high-quality customer service. In order to meet the different requirements of global customers, they provide various product structures such as G+G, G+F (G+F+F), P+G, etc.

Choosing the right custom capacitive touch screen manufacturer is crucial if you want to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget. Before choosing an experienced company like Hangzhou Hongxiao Technology, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each product structure they offer. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which type is best for your needs:

G+G or “Glass On Glass” construction: This construction consists of two glass substrates bonded together with an adhesive material such as epoxy or silicone rubber sealant. The advantage is that this type provides higher resolution than other types, while being relatively thin compared to other types; but its disadvantage is that expensive materials and manufacturing processes are used in the production process, and the cost is high.

G+F or “Glass On Film” construction: This construction consists of a glass substrate bonded to another film, which can be polyester or polyimide film, depending on application requirements such as optical performance and device Durability requirements. The advantage of this particular structure is that it offers relatively low manufacturing costs, since less investment is required in terms of raw materials and process complexity; but at the same time it has a lower resolution.

P+G or “plastic-glass” structure: it combines a plastic layer on a conductive layer deposited on a glass substrate. The benefit behind this structure is that it gives us the opportunity to build more complex designs without having to worry about the distortion of the electric field that exists inside the system due to the extra plastic layer between the conductor and the sensing electrode array, and at the same time what is needed on the final assembly line Time combined with various cost-effective components, the overall thickness is also manageable on the price tag.

Consider these points carefully before making any decision, and you can rest assured that whichever option you choose will provide high-quality output results, with proper guidance from experts, such as those at Hangzhou Hongxiao Technology, who have a wide range of industry specializations Knowledge-Related Fields Having years of work experience and knowledge in the above fields.. So what are you waiting for? Contact them today to see how they can help turn dreams into reality!

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