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  • Outdoor Fitaovana

    Application environment for this field is usually severe weather, high and low temperature and various outdoor impact so requirements of capacitive touch screen is relatively high. End products are mobile phones used in oil exploration, outdoor agricaltural machinery,arm...

  • Industrail Control

    Application environment is complicated in this filed.the requirements pf capacitive touch screen is much higherwith various sources of interference such as textile machine, HMI, industrial tablet, mobile phones..etc. The service life, supply life circle, stability, stron...

  • Manan-tsaina Household Industry

    End products are mainly used indoor. Smart applications and smart sucurity for example, application enviroment is relatively good in this field so the requirements are relatively low for capacitance touch screens except for intelligent products with servo motors. Sensiti...

  • Vehicle-mounted industry

    Capacitive touch screen requirements depends on the installation location(front or back) of the end products in the vehicle and corollary devices. if end products are installed in the front of the vehicle, in-vehicle control system for example, requirements are relativel...

  • Medical Equipment

    Terminal products mainly refer to medical electronic products such as handheld medical devices, wearable medical devices, portable medical machines, monitors, ECG, etc. Allowing for application scope and use cycle, medical products mainly requires sensitively, long life ...

  • Internet of things

    Requirements of capacitive touch screen are not very high in this field ranging between pure industry and consumer applications. End products are express logistics handheld terminals, handheld POS terminals,convenient payment terminals. they are mainly used in indoor env...

  • Outdoor Fitaovana
  • Industrail Control
  • Manan-tsaina Household Industry
  • Vehicle-mounted industry
  • Medical Equipment
  • Internet of things