Vehicle-mounted industry

Vehicle-mounted industry

Capacitive touch screen requirements depends on the installation location(front or back) of the end products in the vehicle and corollary devices. if end products are installed in the front of the vehicle, in-vehicle control system for example, requirements are relatively higher because they must meet the relevant certification and explosion proof. Requirements are lower for end products located at the back of the vehicle such as car-borne navigation , audio-visual equipment and intelligent parking system, intelligent traffic control terminals etc. Antiriot, earthquake-proof, visibility in the sun and anti-interference are generally concerned about for terminals in this field, so G+G structure is generally recommended and G+F+F struchture are likely to be considered for breech-loading products that are high volume and cost sensitive.

Case introduction:Front loading Vehicle control system
Application enviroment and features:

1.Mainly used in Automotive control meter so need to meet good visibility in the sun.
2.Requires explosion-proof seismic rhetorical  for vehicle certification。
3.Require strong Anti-interfernce。

Touch panel solution
1.G+G structure, thick tempered glass cover with surface AG processed.。
2.Cypress program for screen size below 12.1 inch and ILI or EETI  program for screen size above 12.1 inch with good Anti-interfernce performance.
3.Considering the seismic explosion proof and wide tempereture change, TP and TFT optical bonding assembly is recommended.

Post time: Nov-02-2019