Internet of things

Internet of things

Requirements of capacitive touch screen are not very high in this field ranging between pure industry and consumer applications. End products are express logistics handheld terminals, handheld POS terminals,convenient payment terminals. they are mainly used in indoor enviroments and occasionally used in outdoor applications. These terminal products mainly pursue lightness and portability so G+F(F) structure is generally recommended and G+G structure is chosed by a small number of customers to be cost-effective.

Case introduction:Courier handheld terminal

Application enviroment and features

1.Mainly used in indoor express scanning, occasional outdoor     operation, so need to meet all kinds of weather conditions and operation sensibility with glove in winter
2.Long standby time and low power consumption
3.Pass high and low temperature aging test and tumbling test

Touch Panel solution
1.G+F+F structure, Corning glass cover with surface AF processed
2.Cost-effective Goodxi GT970 program, debugging water function and requiring glove function.
3.Optical bonding assembly with FPC screened.

Post time: Nov-02-2019