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7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces ( just for sample order )
  • Supply chain: at least 3~5 years
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          Our product can be connected to Raspberry Pi  by USB and HDMI interface.

         The PCAP of  7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen uses I2C interface,but we can provide " IIC TO USB" bridge boartd to connect Raspberry Pi . The lcd display of this product is LVDS interface , in order to connect  Raspberry Pi we can provide " LVDS TO HDMI" driver board.

         The 7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen  with cytma568 touch controller IC ,support operation with gloves, water , and working well with 10mm thick tempered glass or thick PC on top of the cover glass, mainly used in medical, industrial, security, home appliances and other fields. Deep custom service available.

         The 7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen belongs to the standard module launched by our company. The display resolution is 1024*600, LVDS interface, industrial wide temperature, It has excellent anti-interference performance. It can support some special functions; the display screen is TN panel material. If the customer has actual needs, it can be directly replaced with a display screen of IPS panel material. The capacitive touch screen and the display screen can also be directly optical bonded.

    CTP Specifications

    TPM Model Number HX0701703
    Brand Grahowlet
    Size 7inch
    Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 80℃
    Outline Dimension 165.00(W)x100.00(H)x7.90(D) mm
    Viewing Area 154.88(W)x86.72(H) mm
    Active Area 154.21(W)x85.92(H) mm
    Support Systems Windows/Android/Linux etc.
    Warranty 1 year
     CTP Interface Type IIC/USB
    Material/Structure G+G
    Controller IC CYPRESS
    Touch Points 10 points
    Transparency ≥85%
    Surface Hardness ≥6H
    Power Supply Voltage 2.8V ~ 3.3V


    Resolution 1024*600
    Interface Type LVDS/HDMI/VGA
    Luminance 500cd/m²
    Viewing Angle 80/80/60/70

    7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen

    Packing & Delivery

    7 inch raspberry pi capacitive touch screen - Packing & Delivery

    Technical Q & A

    Q: What are the suggestions on the anti-ESD performance of capacitive touch screen to match customers end products?

    A: On the one hand, enhancing the anti-ESD capability of IC , on the other hand, to achieve the best defense of TP against ESD. multiple ESD defenses should not be a problem. If the space is really limited, the standard can be appropriately reduced, and the anti-ESD capability is more determined by the whole machine structure. It is recommended that the FPC increase the 2k string resistance or add the relevant skin filter circuit and the TVs tube. Regarding the problem of static electricity, we must first understand the fact that the system ESD is different from the IC ESD. System ESD is mainly guaranteed by system design. The enhancement of IC ESD is only one aspect of system ESD enhancement. Therefore, even if the ESD of the IC is enhanced, the design of the screen body still requires ESD treatment to ensure the requirements of the system ESD. For system ESD, the most important thing is the mechanism design. If the mechanism is well designed and the energy that is coupled to the screen body is small, the ESD Design of the screen body can be relaxed.

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