5 inch touch screen panel with cytma568 ic

5 inch touch screen panel with cytma568 ic

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         The projected capacitive 5 inch touch screen panel with cytma568 ic, G+G structure. Strong interference performance, support operation with water, gloves, 10mm tempered glass on the top of the cover glass. Major applications in outdoor portable terminal, industrial, automotive, smart home appliances and other fields. structure and parameters can be customized accordingly.

          The product is designed with narrow border. The dimension of the touch screen and the display almost reached 1:1 .. It is very suitable for the installation of product embedded assemble module. It can achieve multi-touch, and its performance is very stable. It can match the applications of all 4.3-inch brands display with 800*480 resolution . We have TN and IPS material display screens to choose from. Both general brightness and high-brightness schemes are available. Air-bonding and optical-bonding process can be selected according to the actual needs of customer projects.

    Model Number HX0501601 V2.0
    Brand Grahowlet
    Size 5.0 inch
    Interface Type IIC/USB
    Structure G+G
    Controller IC Cypress
    Touch Points 10 points
    Transparency ≥85%
    Surface Hardness ≥6H
    Operating Environment -20℃ ~ 70℃,≤85% RH
    Storage Environment -30℃ ~ 80℃,≤85% RH
    Power Supply Voltage 2.8V ~ 3.3V
    Outline Dimension 120.70(W)x76.30(H)x1.45(D) mm
    Viewing Area 108.80(W)x65.60(H) mm
    Support Systems Windows/Android/Linux etc.
    Warranty 1 year

    5 inch touch screen panel with cytma568 ic - drawing

    Technical Q&A

    Q: Since the Cypress solution capacitive screen can enhance the anti-noise ability, then can we analyze the factors affecting noise from the sensor perspective?
    A: The impact of the Sensor on TP performance is huge. In the capacitive touch screen module, the sensor is the sensing element, and the controller IC is the analog-to-digital converter. The sensor quality directly affects the quality of the signal received by the IC. From the structure point of view, sensor is divided into two categories, namely DITO and SITO. From the material point of view, sensor is mainly divided into two categories, namely Glass and Film. DITO uses the lower layer TX for shielding, so no shielding layer is needed. SITO's TX and RX are all on one layer, so you need a shield on the back. Technical improvements can remove the back shield. The Cypress solution uses a DITO structure with a mesh pattern to solve linearity and dangling problems. The SITO structure usually adopts a diamond pattern. This pattern has many problems, and the power supply noise is large, linearity, floating, and poor waterproof performance. The Cypress scheme uses the SITO structure plus a bee pattern to achieve the performance of the DITO structure with a mesh pattern. Because the FLASH process does not support high voltage, it can be seen that other chips in the market need high voltage when it needs to externally boost the chip. In addition to the boost, the Cypress chip adds a lot of algorithms and adopts its own patented SENSOR pattern, so in the letter The noise ratio can be done very well.

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