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10.4 inch industrial pcap touch screen panel

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  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces ( just for sample order )
  • Supply chain: at least 3~5 years
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    This 10.4 inch industrial pcap touch screen panel with ILITEK touch controller ic can support operation with thick gloves ,thick tempered glass and thick PC.G+G structure, mainly used in medical electronics, portable mobile terminals, intelligent security, Internet of things terminals and other fields, support customization of structure and surface treatment. interface iic/usb/rs232 optional;
    This 10.4 inch industrial pcap touch screen panel product belongs to our standard USB interface product, compatible with various common operation systems, black silk screen printing around, direct drive-free, can save some pre-development time, It is more suitable for the whole machine products mounted by flat assemble way. It has a long sustainable supply time, GG structure design and stable performance.

    Product Description

    Model Number HX1041807
    Brand Grahowlet
    Size 10.4 inch
    Interface Type IIC/USB
    Structure G+G
    Controller IC ILITEK
    Touch Points 10 points
    Transparency ≥85%
    Surface Hardness ≥6H
    Operating Environment -20℃ ~ 70℃,≤85% RH
    Storage Environment -30℃ ~ 80℃,≤85% RH
    Power Supply Voltage 2.8V ~ 3.3V
    Outline Dimension 264.40(W)x204.40(H)x2.15(D) mm
    Viewing Area 210.43(W)x157.82(H) mm
    Support Systems Windows/Android/Linux etc.
    Warranty 1 year


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    Technical Q&A

    Q: What can Grahowlet technology do? Can you briefly introduce it?
    A: The capacitive screen solution includes: Cypress , Goodix, Focal tech, ATMEL, EETI, ILI, etc. The cover lens, sensor and FPC of the touch can be customized in depth according to the actual needs of customers;
    The display solution includes: the current mainstream display glass panel, and we can customize the brightness of the display screen, FPC shape, interface definition, driver IC solution according to the actual needs of customers, etc.
    Q: What are the precautions for the application of capacitive touch screen made of PMMA cover?
    A: As for the cover of capacitive touch screen made by PMMA material, we must consider the material of sensor, the impact of high and low temperature shock and warpage. As for the specific details, we have some mature application cases. Customers can contact with our technicians for the detailed solution and parameters according to the actual needs of specific products.

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